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REDELION丨Gobi scenery of local story


The so-called soil

It refers to all natural conditions of wine vineyards

Altitude, annual sunshine duration, mountains, rivers, water sources and soil

Temperature difference between morning and evening, rainfall......



The average annual rainfall is about 200 mm, which is conducive to inhibiting the occurrence of diseases and pests

Rainfall is mainly concentrated in late summer and after the end of August

Wine grape varieties gradually mature, and the rainfall here decreases sharply

Vineyards also reduce drip irrigation to prevent dilution of flavor substances in wine grapes


Landform and soil

The alluvial fan plain formed after hundreds of millions of years of wind and rain

The original landform is mainly composed of gravel and calcareous soil

It is rich in minerals and has good permeability

The wine grapes planted here are rich in minerals

The flavor is more intense and the wine structure is fuller


Sunshine time

About 3000 hours per year

Grapes can carry out full photosynthesis and have a long frost free period

Wine grape has enough growth period


air temperature

Arid and semi-arid area of northwest inland plateau

It belongs to a typical temperate continental climate

It is warm in spring, hot in summer, cool in autumn and cold in winter, with four distinct seasons

During the grape color transition period, the daily average temperature is above 20 ° C

The temperature difference between day and night is large from July to October

11-15 ° C is conducive to glucose content in wine making

Aroma and accumulation of phenols


38.5 ° n, large temperature difference between morning and evening (12 ~ 15 ° C)

It is one of the areas with the largest solar radiation and sunshine time

The frost free period has reached more than 150 days

Drought, little rain, plenty of sunshine and large temperature difference between day and night

The gravelly calcareous soil is covered with seabuckthorn

I occasionally see several tenacious wild jujube trees

This is land that has never been reclaimed

It is also a golden area for the growth of organic wine grapes

The vineyard began with the gradual transformation of the Gobi desert

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