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REDELION丨Long summer of local story


Wine can make the sad happy

Rejuvenate the old

Make the tired forget their fatigue

——British Romantic poet Lord George Gordon Byron(Lord Byron)


Like the growth process of organic wine grapes

Start with a seedling

Until the vines thrive

Experience flowering, fruit string, picking and burying vines

go round and begin again

Each stage is inseparable from the moisture of sunshine and rain

And the wine farmers

This is especially true in summer

I don't know the heat, but I cherish the long summer


At the beginning of summer, wine farmers began to graft the cultivated vine branches

At this stage, the organic winery should be taken care of carefully

For growing grape vines

Use natural organic fertilizer to give nutrients

And constantly hoe the vineyards

Weeds competing for nutrients with grapevines

Grapevine growing in Gobi desert covered with gravelly calcareous soil

Will root deeper and deeper into the ground

Absorb a large amount of minerals and trace elements in the soil

Grow stronger


The weather is getting hotter and hotter

Wine farmers are busy again

Pruned the vines

Cutting and repairing is normal work

In order to improve the quality of wine grape and strictly control the yield

It will reduce many congenitally deficient vines

Keep the best vines that grow

Remove excess grape leaves

Let the grape fruit fully receive the sunshine

Full photosynthesis

When the flowering period is over, the fruit needs to be carefully cut

Cut off the grape clusters with small branches and difficult nutrients

Let the remaining grapes absorb more nutrients


When the grape enters flowering

The stamen divides into two at the root of the new shoot

When the temperature reaches about 20 ℃

Grow lovely white flowers

After pollination, the pistil root forms a hard small fruit

Pruning at this stage is still a very important work

Keep cutting off the vine and grape leaves that grow too lush

The top grape leaves are too dense

Will prevent the sun from shining down

It will also take away water

The nutrition of grapes concentrated in the middle and end is unbalanced


Generally, the picking period is three and a half months after the flowering period

Wine farmers' association according to production control requirements

Cut the fruit once and twice

Only after the grape color turning period

It can be picked in autumn

Best organic wine grapes

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