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Autumn harvest


REDELION丨Autumn harvest of local story


Everyone should always be intoxicated

Indulge in wine

Indulge in Poetry

Indulge in virtue

No matter what you indulge in

Just get drunk

One should always be drunk

 That's all that matters

But with what? With wine

 with poetry, or with virtue

 as you chose. But get drunk.

——Charles Baudelaire(Charles Baudelaire)


The sun shines brightly during the picking period

Sweating like rain is acceptable to everyone

If you encounter rainy weather during picking

That's hard

Not because of hard work

But if wine grapes absorb too much water

It will reduce the sweetness and reduce the quality of wine grapes

The quality of wine grape directly determines the quality of wine

Therefore, it is very important to pay attention to the weather when picking


For Ridley lane, who strictly controls production

In order to make higher quality organic wine

We have customized the stringent standards of the world's top wines

150 ~ 400 bottles per mu

Many drinkers don't understand this yield standard per mu

Many non organic wineries around the world

In the case of herbicides and chemical fertilizers

The output per mu is as high as more than 3000 bottles

A wine made from grapes that use many chemicals

Their villa leader doesn't drink himself

But sold to consumers in other regions


Autumn is the harvest season

The wine farmers worked hard for a year

Seedling raising, grafting, weeding and fertilization

Cut and trim the vines

Remove the unbalanced grape clusters

The grapes left by careful care began to turn color

Become mature

Looking at a bunch of plump organic wine grapes

This began to have the joy and joy of a bumper harvest


Real organic winery

The most important difference from other wines

Is it really organic

Have you obtained effective organic qualification every year

Is it all picked manually

Are bottles filled in the winery

Even if you get organic certification every year

Wine made from machine harvested wine grapes

None of them are organic wineries

Because machine picking is completely different from manual picking

Although the machine improves efficiency

But it can't accurately distinguish good grapes

And moldy grapes and poor quality grapes


In addition to being nervous about whether it rains when picking

In order to get higher quality wine grapes

Another important thing is to control the picking time

In order to avoid grapes absorbing more dew and sugar retention

Wine farmers start picking before dawn with headlights on

The work has been finished before the sun rises

In order to avoid dust pollution during picking

A thick carpet will be laid on the bottom of the picking basket

Protect every hard won organic grape


Manual picking is obtained before brewing

The first level of high-quality organic wine grapes

All wine farmers must be effectively trained

Learn to identify the quality of organic wine grapes

Too green, immature, moldy

Or the grapes pecked by birds are eliminated directly

Only high-quality grape clusters with full grains can be selected

When the basket is loaded on the car, the colleague in charge of picking quality will recheck it again

Before being sent to the brewing workshop to extract juice

The staff will pick one by one again

Ensure that every drop of good wine is made from high-quality organic wine grapes


Picking is hard but full of the joy of harvest

These grapes are received, stemmed, screened and peeled

Fermentation, clarification, oak barrel, etc

The winemaker's magic modulation has become

Every drop of organic wine has depth and breadth

After 18 months of hoarding in new French oak barrels

Refill the constant temperature and humidity bottle and store it for more than 12 months

To really reach the drinkers

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