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Steve is one of the core members of oenoteam, a famous wine making technology team in France

Founder Gilles parquet, one of the top ten international winemakers

As famous as Michelle Roland, he also studied modern winemaking

Godfather (Professor Emil Fino É mile peynaud)

Thomas (one of the most talented young winemakers in France)

In 2013, he visited Yantai, Huailai and the eastern foot of Helan

Technical exchange activities are welcomed by participating technicians)

Julian Julien belle is a French liqueur

An expert in the brewing of sweet white, dry white and pink wines

Steve graduated from the Bordeaux National Wine Academy in 1990

After graduation, I worked in Australia for two years

In 2002, before the alliance with Gilles parquet

It has provided brewing technical guidance services for more than 10 internationally renowned wineries

Now Steve has begun to take over Jill's flag

Become a new generation of team leaders

Steve's team has a wealth of technology

Solid field operation experience and innovative spirit

The team gave several famous estates of St. emmeron at the same time

Provide technical information and support to famous manors in bomeihou production area

These estates have the famous white horse winery

Feizhuozhuang, XLR manor and other 1855 famous manors

At present, the team is well-known in France, especially in Bordeaux

At the same time, news reports on them at home and abroad and in the industry emerge one after another

The brewing technology laboratory owned by the team is the most professional experiment in the industry

The back of each bottle of organic wine is intertwined with endless sweat

And countless backaches from wine farmers

There are more insufficient humanitarian efforts


Wine is the joint efforts of heaven, earth and people

Only the best wine grapes have been planted

To have the chance to make the most beautiful wine

All the top winemakers always

From planting to production control, harvesting and fermentation

Pour, oak barrel aging, blending......

Different wine grapes are important to winemakers

It has different characteristics, advantages and disadvantages

It's a different test

How to make these grapes into good wine

Are testing the wisdom of winemakers

Winemakers are not only involved in the whole brewing process

And always devote themselves to what they understand

An important node stage of brewing

By their magic

To make every drop of organic wine

Become temperature, depth and breadth

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