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Mercedes-benzMercedes Benz tasting reception

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  • Time of issue:2019-11-27 17:33
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(Summary description)Drive a good Mercedes Benz car and taste Ryder Lane organic wine!

Mercedes-benzMercedes Benz tasting reception

(Summary description)Drive a good Mercedes Benz car and taste Ryder Lane organic wine!

  • Categories:Brand activities
  • Author:吉米
  • Origin:
  • Time of issue:2019-11-27 17:33
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Drink to all the good times, cars, wine and time!


On the evening of August 24, the 2019 Mercedes Benz S-class car "leading the world" test drive and“Rydline organic wine tasting dinner”It was successfully held at Sheraton Egret Lake Hotel.



As an automobile inventor, Mercedes Benz has a glorious history of 132 years. Now the Trident star emblem is widely distributed in China. Facing the future, Mercedes Benz will continue to offer outstanding services to the majority of Chinese consumers


Products, services and brand experience. Mercedes Benz S-class has always been the first choice for business people to take luxury cars. Stability and atmosphere are the characteristics of S-class. Most of the memories of domestic consumers begin with "tiger head running", dozens of times


Over the years, Mercedes Benz S-class car has always been a perfect car that integrates safety, power and comfort into its genes. With intelligent technology, Mercedes Benz still leads the times.










All of its products are produced at 38.5 ° north latitude and the works of Steve, the world's top ten flying wine master. Every drop of good wine is a healthy organic product. In recent years, our products have won many international awards: the challenge of Cabernet Sauvignon in Paris, France


Gold and silver award of the competition, regional award of decanter Asian wine competition, best balance award of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan wine, silver award of 2018 fiwa France international organic wine Grand Prix, 2019 fiwa France international organic wine Grand Prix


The highest score, big gold award, 2020 double gold award in Brussels, Belgium, the highest score, big gold award and gold award of 2020 fiwa French international organic wine Grand Prix... ...



Steve is the leader of oenoteam, a famous wine making technical team in France. He graduated from the Bordeaux National Wine Academy in 1990. The team also gave many famous manors in St. emmeron and pomehou


Provide technical information and support. These estates include famous white horse winery, Feizhuo estate, XLR estate and many other 1855 listed estates.



The organic grape Industrial Park is located at 38.5 degrees north latitude with Bordeaux, France. It is the golden growth belt of wine grapes in the world, and has all the climatic conditions required for planting the best wine grapes. At an altitude of 1100 meters, the soil has passed hundreds of millions of years


The alluvial fan mixed with sand and soil formed by annual wind and rain impacts the plain. The structure of gravel and calcareous soil accounts for 50% respectively makes it rich in minerals with good permeability. The sunshine time is about 3000 hours per year and the temperature difference between day and night is 10


—At 16 ℃, the annual rainfall is 150-200mm, the carbon dioxide concentration is as high as 370ppm, and the photosynthesis is strong. The wine grapes grown in this environment have thick skin, sufficient sugar and full tannins, which endows the rydraine wine


Unique advantages.  The bottled organic wines will gradually mature with the passage of time to provide consumers with better organic wines. All wines of rydline wine group are subject to strict constant temperature control


Wet bottle storage standard. After bottling, it shall be stored in constant temperature and humidity bottles for at least 12 months, and some rare vintage bottles can be stored for 12 ~ 36 months.



Mr. Liu Kefeng, President of the group, tells the story of redelion brand




Mercedes Benz has been the brand of choice for business people for many years, escorting the itinerary of many entrepreneurs, integrating driveability and comfort. Ryder lane is committed to providing better organic wine for many cars


Friends' healthy drinking escort. Ryder lane is committed to "providing better organic wine to make life better". A toast to all the good times!




Drive a good Mercedes Benz car and taste Ryder Lane organic wine!


Rydliane organic wine is the gift of time brewing; Thanks to Renfu China and Huizhou Renfu; Thank all car owners for their recognition, support and sharing.



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