Rydline wine group (HK) Co., Ltd., the world's organic wine brand operator. Its brand redelion is a fine circulation wine and marselan 1961 is a collection wine. Domestic operating branches and subsidiaries enjoy the priority allocation qualification of the headquarters. Other products are auctioned in international wine exhibitions and major international and domestic auction houses. The winery cellar covers an area of 5000 square meters; It is aged in French original oak barrels. The temperature can be controlled at 13-15c ° throughout the year, and the humidity can be controlled at 75% - 85%. The oak barrel brands are CF, berthomieu, Ermitage, vicard, Orion, radoux, etc. In recent years, rydline Wine Group has frequently appeared in international wine exhibitions, participated in a number of global wine competitions, European B2B wine brand promotion and China International Import Expo. In 2020, Beijing International Wine exchange awarded rydline brand the best breakthrough award.


 All products of rydline wine group are produced at 38.5 ° north latitude and the works of Steve, the world's top ten flying wine masters. Every drop of good wine is a healthy organic product. In recent years, our products have won a number of international awards: gold and silver award of Paris Gibert Wine Challenge competition, regional award of decanter Asian wine competition, best balance award of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan wine, silver award of 2018 fiwa France international organic wine Grand Prix, highest score of 2019 fiwa France International organic wine Grand Prix, big gold award, 2020 double gold award in Brussels, Belgium 2020 fiwa France international organic wine Grand Prix highest score, gold medal, gold medal... ...


Steve is the leader of oenoteam, a famous wine making technical team in France. He graduated from Bordeaux National Wine Academy in 1990. The team also provides technical information and support to a number of famous manors in St. emmeron and pomehou. These manors include many 1855 famous manors such as white horse winery, Feizhuo manor and xlon Manor.


The production base is the world's unique vineyard planting base with an area of 100000 mu. The annual production capacity of high-end wine is about 5000 tons, and the construction area of the winery is 18000 square meters. The organic grape Industrial Park is located at 38.5 degrees north latitude with Bordeaux, France. It is the golden growth belt of wine grapes in the world, and has all the climatic conditions required for planting the best wine grapes. At an altitude of 1100 meters, the soil is a alluvial fan alluvial plain mixed with sand and soil formed by hundreds of millions of years of wind and rain. The structure of gravel and calcareous soil accounts for 50% respectively makes it rich in minerals and good permeability. The sunshine time is about 3000 hours a year, the temperature difference between day and night is 10-16 ℃, the annual rainfall is 150-200mm, the carbon dioxide concentration is as high as 370ppm, and the photosynthesis is strong, The wine grapes grown in such an environment have thick skin, sufficient sugar and full tannins, giving Ryder Lane wine unique advantages. 


The bottled organic wines will gradually mature with the passage of time, providing consumers with better organic wines. All wines under rydline wine group implement strict constant temperature and humidity bottle storage standards. After bottling, it shall be stored in constant temperature and humidity bottles for at least 12 months, and some rare vintage bottles can be stored for 12 ~ 36 months.


Rydline mission and vision:

Provide better organic wine to make people's life better


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