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REDELION丨Won the double gold medal of decanter world wine Grand Prix
Redelion 2021decanter world wine Grand Prix, Lane 1 and Lane 3 of Ryder Lane wine group won the Bronze Award, and lane treasures Shiraz and matherland won the Gold Award in 1961
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REDELION丨Won the double gold medal of Brussels International Wine Competition again
REDELION丨 In 2021, rydline Wine Group's treasures Cabernet Sauvignon and matherland 1961 won the gold medal of the 28th Brussels International Wine Grand Prix in Belgium
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The 3rd International Import Expo and the first dinner of taste France brand in China
Novel coronavirus pneumonia has brought serious impact to all countries, and also brought about a severe period of heavy damage to the world economy. The third import fair was held on schedule and successfully organized, which further released the strong signal of China's comprehensive expansion of opening up and sharing market opportunities with the world. Following the national policy, rydline Wine Group will continue to share the beauty of Chinese brand wine with more international friends on the world stage. Thank Mr. Bush, President of the French National Association of wine experts, the Organizing Committee of the French fiwa international wine competition, and the continuously developing, open and enterprising Chinese market.
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The first game of the second enterprise united team
On June 26, the first game of the second enterprise united team was successfully held. Entrepreneurs gathered at Taojing golf course to meet friends and enjoy the fun of swing. At 1:30 p.m., with the opening of the color ball, the competition began.
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The second International Import Expo and world famous wine signing Conference
After Ryder Lane wine's circulation products Lane 1 and Lane 3 won the silver award in the 2018 fiwa bio French international wine Grand Prix, Lane's rare Shiraz and Lane's rare Cabernet Sauvignon won the silver award, Gold Award and highest score in the fiwa bio international organic wine Grand Prix again in 2019! Thank President Bush and the Organizing Committee for their recognition and sharing of China Red Lion redelion!
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Mercedes-benzMercedes Benz tasting reception
Drive a good Mercedes Benz car and taste Ryder Lane organic wine!
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