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Spring ploughing


REDELION丨Spring ploughing of local story


The most natural, civilized and perfect thing in the world

Nothing is better than wine

It's not just a single sensory enjoyment

It is also a kind of pleasure and appreciation

Wine is one of the most civilized things

in the world and one of the

most natural things of the world

that has been brought to

the greatest perfection

 and it offers a greater range for

enjoyment and appreciation than

 possibly, any other purely sensory thing

——Hemingway(Ernest Hemingway)


Ryder Lane organic wine

EU organic and China Organic Certification

Every drop of its wine is an organic product

Every drop of good wine starts from a seedling

It takes at least three years for a seedling to grow grapes

It has been fermented, brewed and bred in oak barrels for nearly two or three years

Store in constant temperature and humidity bottle for more than one year

It has rich fruit aroma, round taste and full body

Achieve a better balance

It has been six or seven years since it really came to wine customers

Therefore, high-quality organic wine is not only the expression of soil

Or the gift of nature, but also the gift brewed by time


Organic food is internationally known as organic food

It means that transgenic technology is not used in the production process

It embodies a sustainable mode of production

It advocates harmony between man and nature rather than artificial intervention in nature

Never use a drop of pesticide or chemical fertilizer


Organic wine refers to the wine certified as "organic grape brewing"

Emphasize the organic nature of brewing raw materials, that is, pure nature

Grapes come from organic vineyards or are grown organically

No chemical fertilizers or pesticides

Organic vineyards use natural substances as fertilizer for three consecutive years

(e.g. seaweed, animal manure and plant compost)

It is collected manually in the brewing process

Special attention shall be paid to the use, filtration and clarification methods of natural yeast

To improve the quality of organic wine


All year round, for vines

Has a completely different face

Buds sprout in spring and blossom and bear fruit in summer

Autumn turns tired and leaves fall and branches wither in winter

The best wine grape can make the best wine

Most drinkers may not know much about it

How hard do wine farmers have to work to grow good grapes

The world's high-quality organic wineries have different customs

Wine grape has its best golden area for growth

Sunshine time, rainfall, temperature difference between morning and evening

Soil structure, climate, mountains and rivers

These are only the basic conditions suitable for wine grape growth

It needs the careful care of wine farmers to thrive


Spring is the season when everything grows

The buds that sprout from the vine branches this season

We are absorbing the nutrients of nature every day

Growing rapidly

Soon the green leaves will be covered with vines

The whole vineyard is full of vitality

But now the branches and leaves of grapes are also very delicate

Can not withstand wind, rain and aphid bite


For their better growth

Wine farmers need to tie thousands of vines to fixed shelves

Organic grapes are more demanding than non organic grapes

Without using chemical pesticides and herbicides

Many cases can only be solved manually

To get high-quality organic grapes, strictly control the yield

In spring, wine farmers must spend more time carefully weeding

Prune growing branches

In summer, for grapes to enjoy the moisture of the sun

Full photosynthesis

In order to give the best nutrition to the best grapes

Trimming and trimming have become the daily work of wine farmers

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