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REDELION丨Winter collection of local stories


After picking, winter came soon

Most crops no longer grow

People who worked hard for more than half a year began to rest

Waiting for the Spring Festival

Vineyards in winter are different from other crops

Especially the vineyards in the Gobi desert

The cold winter here is very long

For wine farmers, before the weather gets colder and colder

The work is far from over

Because the cold winter is for the vine

Is a particularly severe test


In early winter, all the grape leaves have fallen behind

The greatest amount of work at this stage is pruning

After a year's growth, the vine branches sprang up

Wine farmers need to cut off a lot of vine branches

Leave several vine branches with the best physique as the "seed branches" in the coming year

By the warm spring of next year, tender buds will appear and branches and vines will grow

The rest of the vine branches need to be cut off

And trim the micro nodes of the "seed branch"

For the coming year


The labor intensity of pruning in winter is very high

The intensity of pruning grape vines is completely different from that in spring and summer

In spring and summer, green shoots are cut

And winter is in the cold temperature

Constantly saw and cut the hard vine branches that once hung fruit

All pruning work depends on the hands of wine farmers

And you must distinguish before cutting

Which one must be left

The amount of labor and the hardships are not comparable to those in spring and summer



In addition to the large temperature difference between morning and night in the Gobi desert

The cold winter is still very long

At the coldest time, the temperature can reach minus 16 ~ 20 ℃

To prevent the vine from being dried and frostbitten

Another important work needs to be done

Is to deeply bury the rattan branches after pruning

If the pruning is not finished before the snow

So in the cold wind and snow

Wine farmers still need to complete all the above work

When the temperature picks up in the coming spring

Then dig the soil layer and fix the rattan branches

Wait for the vine branch to wake up again

Waiting for the little buds to grow

The vineyard after snow is very quiet and beautiful


For organic wineries that strictly control production

The workload of wine farmers is huge and hard

Because many jobs cannot be replaced by modern machines

That's why we say that the gift of nature

The expression of the soil may not be clear, and each drop of good wine is hard won

Organic wine grapes from tender buds to full grains

The hard work of wine farmers throughout the year is the most indispensable part

It is the common participation of nature, land and people



The autumn harvest grapes are sent to the winery

It also needs to undergo stem removal, screening, skin breaking and fermentation

Leather dipping, temperature control, circulation, clarification, oak barrel, etc

Winemaker and magic modulation of time

Will grow to have depth and breadth

And a drop of organic wine with pure fruit aroma

So we often say

Rydline, a better organic wine

It's a gift brewed by time

We should share it with the people we love

For love, for friends, for time!

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